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… if you want to publish an article or need press material.
… if you are an artist and want to do a project using the Soxels hardware.
… if you are interested in integrating a huuuuuuuuuuuge Soxels-Matrix into your club, bar or showroom.
… if you are a teacher and you want to organize a Soxels-Workshop at your University.


Felix Hardmood Beck and Simon Schiessl
– Felix Hardmood Beck (left person): ,
– Simon Schießl (right person): ,

Felix Hardmood Beck & Simon Schießl
Müggelstraße 13
10247 Berlin

For the Soxels Workshop at LEAP responsible person:
– Daniel Franke (E-Mail:

For the Soxels Workshop at Digitalia Media Arts Festival responsible person:
– Zofia Gliszczyńska (E-Mail: / Tel.: 509 577 669)